Commission Re-Organization on Monday, September 8


Commission Re-Organization on Monday, September 8

Postby Amy Broyles on Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:13 pm

Dear Colleagues,

I am offering myself as a candidate for Commission Vice-Chair for the upcoming session.

After serving the past six years on Commission, I feel I am well qualified to serve you in this capacity. I have served on almost every committee of the Commission, and have served as Chair or Vice-Chair of many. I have also represented the Commission on several outside boards and committees. I am well versed in the rules and procedures of the Knox County Commission, and am studying to become a certified parliamentarian.

For those who have worked with me, you know that I am not overly influenced by any individual or group; I take each issue individually and on it's own merits. I also have a reputation for doing extensive research on the matters before us and reaching out to the constituency I serve - regardless of party affiliation or position - as well as to my colleagues on Commission, not only as fellow Commissioners, but also as individuals. My particular skills are in coalition-building and collaborative problem-solving, encouraging fair and open communication and seeking a win-win for all sides in a difficult situation.

I have also spent the past few years delving deeply into the study of leadership (good and bad) and have observed both at close range. I am also a graduate of the highly competitive National Association of Counties Leadership Institute, for which only 5 individuals from Tennessee have ever been accepted. I have served on National Boards as well as local ones. In short, I feel I have a great deal to offer you in this position.

One of the most important things I have learned over the past few years is that a true leader does not seek to elevate themselves above the people around them; rather, they seek to elevate those around them to reach their highest potential. I do not consider the Chair or Vice-Chair position as a place to build a resume or launch a campaign for another office. In my opinion, the role of the Chair and Vice-Chair is to serve the other Commissioners on the Board. As Vice-Chair, in addition to serving my constituents and the citizens of Knox County, I will also be serving you. I will be at your disposal to assist you in any difficulty or issue with which you need assistance.

I would appreciate your support and your vote during the re-organization of the Knox County Commission on Monday. Thank you for your consideration!

Very sincerely yours,
Amy Broyles
Amy Broyles
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