Schools Audit


Schools Audit

Postby Brad Anders on Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:28 pm


After speaking with Andrea, we have concluded that it would best for her to begin developing the audit of Knox County Schools meals program and also their P-Card controls. I am aware there is a special called meeting for November the 10th, but we felt that due to the exigency of the issues she should go ahead and begin the work. During our discussion Andrea advised me that the role of an Internal Auditor is to begin work on risk issues as soon as they identify them. So that we did not over step rules of the Audit Charter, we consulted the Law Director and Deputy Director to make sure we were in compliance and they agreed with our thought process and the need to begin the work now. Andrea has also spoken with the external auditor and the Sheriff's office in regard to her work and assured them any work she does will not impair any work they are already completing.

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